Every Soul Needs A Shepherd

Sarah Pearsons

Can you imagine what it would have felt like to be those shepherds on that starry night in the fields of Bethlehem: all of the sudden God’s glory lights up the sky, and His angel army, so ecstatic for us, can’t hold in the news of Jesus any longer. With all their might, they cry out, “Glory to God in … Read More

Be Of Good Cheer

Jeremy Pearsons

Family vacation this year was one for the record books. One stop on our journey had us checked into a hotel that had a water playground on property that we thought the kids would enjoy. We were right. Justus was instantly hooked. It turned out to be a bit of a challenge to figure out ways to get him to … Read More

A Collision With Kindness

Sarah Pearsons

Many people in the world and in the church are confused about God. They are unsure if He is hard and harsh, or warm and welcoming. They wonder if He is angry or caring, not totally convinced that He is good all the time. They may not say it out loud, but for some this question lingers deep in their … Read More

Seated At His Table

Sarah Pearsons

“I will sit at the table You’ve prepared for me, Here I am safe from the enemy. I will feast on Your love and Your mercy, For death has lost its hold on me.” “You Restore My Soul” from the album Strength & Beauty Something exciting happened to our family in June. We moved into a new house. Something even … Read More