Treasure Fields

Jeremy Pearsons

The Joy of Finding What God Has Been Hiding   In July 2012, TIME magazine reported on a man in Defiance, Ohio, named Karl Kissner, who found a green box packed with twine in the attic of his late aunt’s home. Inside the box was a large collection of baseball cards, most probably belonging to the home’s previous owner, his … Read More

The Adventure Club

Sarah Pearsons

As a kid I craved adventure. There was nothing more exciting than following a handmade map to find a treasure buried deep in the backyard. My brothers and I spent countless hours exploring the woods that surrounded our house, searching for bugs or rocks or anything exciting that forced us to venture out of the mundane and into the unknown. … Read More

What You See Is What You Get

Sarah Pearsons

Many of us have become accustomed sitting in services, hearing sermons that revolve around steps—the how tos and the 1,2,3s. We want those we admire to give us the secrets to their successes and the quick fixes that will produce change in our lives. Even as ministers, there is a temptation to simply tell people, “Do this, and you’ll get … Read More